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10 Spots To Order A Healthy Lunch To The Office In Bahrain

It can get hard to eat healthy during working hours.

If you work an office job sometimes you don’t have time to meal prep ahead and bring your lunch to work and sometimes you don’t even know how to cook and you find yourself ordering take out a lot!

It can be easy to order something unhealthy because its quick and familiar and ordering something healthy might have you thinking “it’s overpriced for a salad” or “what if it’s not filling”? Well, let us assure you because we’ve rounded up some great healthy options you can order for lunch in Bahrain that are reasonably affordable and have good portions of food leaving you full, satisfied, and feeling good! Check the list out below:

1. Healthy Calorie

Great portions and affordable prices and they have meals to suit any diet’s needs. They have sandwiches, salads, tacos, protein and vegetable meals, and juices to name a few. Order the Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potatoes for 2.4BD or a Chicken Keto Platter 2.5BD. Find them at any of 4 locations or order through Talabat.

2. Serra Cafe

A healthy spot that’s got a lot of options from juices, smoothie bowls, pancakes as well as good lunch options like salads and wraps. Build your own salad for 3.7BD or get the Honey Glazed Chicken Wrap for 3.8BD. Find them in Seef or order through Talabat.

3. Eet Fresh

This new spot has feel-good food served here! If you want to up your greens intake this should be the place to check out. Their prices are super decent, a burrito wrap is 1.9BD, a Budha Bowl is between 2.6-2.9BD. The menu is simple (wraps, bowls, salads) but are super customizable and you can choose from many different ingredients and dressings. They’re opening soon in Garden Plaza but you can put in your order through Talabat.

4. Poke Kafe

You can build your own box for 3.9 BD or order the Spicy Chicken bowl filled with veggies for 3.7 BD. Finish the job with a vegan brownie for 1.5 BD. This spot is fresh, filling, and a great office lunch option. Find them at Wali Al Ahd Highway, Hamala or order through Talabat.

5. Haute Health by Hospitalia

A super trendy spot that is loved by the community because the food is actually so good. It’s like comfort food made healthy! Order the Revenge Bod sandwich for 2.6BD or Vegan AF salad for 3.2BD during your lunch hour and stock up on healthy snacks from a cup of pomegranates 0.600fils, a parfait 2.1BD, or chocolate-covered strawberries for 1.6BD. Find them at Janussan, Budaiya or order through Carriage and Talabat.

6. Reviive Cafe

If you’re in the mood for a filling smoothie bowl this place has 13 different types on their menu! Among other things like vegan pancakes, salads, sandwiches and more, this spot should be on your bucket list for when you’re trying to make a healthy choice during breakfast or lunch. Find them at Water Garden City or order through Talabat

7. Blisslab

This spot is found in a pharmacy and focuses on all things health! From beauty and skin products to supplements, this place now serves Maki, Wraps, Sandwiches, Parfaits, Salads, and lots of healthy baked goodies! Order on Talabat and check them out for yourself or find them at Seef Mall.

8. Healthy Box

This spot was a home-based delivery business but is very popular and now has its own branch. The meals are super affordable with most things ranging from 1.6 BD like salads and sandwiches and there’s also comfort food meals like Machboos and protein dishes with rice and veggies. This place is a great solution for those who don’t get to eat at home much. Find them on Talabat, Carriage or in-store in Diplomatic Area near Investcorp bank.

9. Healthy Lab

This place does healthy spins on your favorite comfort foods. At this spot, you can eat whatever you’d like without sacrificing flavor and rest easy knowing they are all good, healthy ingredients. They’ve got antioxidant salads, pasta salads, burgers, sandwiches, protein with veggies and they are all delicious! Give this place a shot for lunch. Find them at Sehla or order through Talabat.

10. Green Beets

A new spot in town, this spot takes on a very green initiative. You can customize your own bowls starting at 1.9BD and choose from countless healthy fresh ingredients. There also Pre-workout and Post-workout meals so this makes things easy for those who work out and want to balance their diets. This spot is worth a try for their fresh ingredients and filling portions of healthy goodies. Find them at Al Aali Mall or order through Talabat.

Who said ordering healthy was hard? Order these healthy options to the office through Talabat or call the store locations!