5 Ways This Bahraini Clothing Brand Is Setting The Bar Super High In The Khaleej

It’s been three weeks since its launch, and this brand has already redefined standards for clothing brands across the khaleej

Mn Wain is straight up resetting standards with the unique pieces they’re putting out there. You’ll be reppin’ your countries, cities or favorite places – you name it – and the designs are TOP class.

The concept of the brand was created by 3 students during their university days in the UK, and what started out as making a few pieces for themselves and some friends turned into an ENTIRE e-commerce store, with over 600 Khaleeji cities being represented and over 3500 products shipping worldwide!!

1. They’re the clothing brand that keeps on GIVING

After a massive Bahrain National Day sale and a 100BD giveaway, Mn Wain is already back with another offer that we simply can’t miss out on. A FREE t-shirt with every hoodie that you buy! And it doesn’t stop there, they’re about to announce another GREATER giveaway to one lucky Mn Wain supporter. Like we said, the brand that keeps on giving!!

2. Quality, quality, quality!

A super cool fact about Mn wain is that the brand uses the same materials as the Kanye West Pablo Merch, Anti Social Social Club AND V Lone. Super comfy hoodies, shirts, and caps with SUPER high quality.

3. They ship WORLDWIDE

Whether you’re in Bahrain, Saudi, London or even Madagascar! Mn Wain is out here making sure you get your merch wherever you are.

4. You can customize your hoodie, cap or shirt exactly the way you want it

If you don’t find the city or country you’re looking for, you can customize your own design through the ‘Customize’ section on their website. To make the process simpler, just shoot them a DM and they’ll add it to the website just for you!!

Mn Wain has fulfilled custom orders for large government organisations such as the National Space Science Agency of Bahrain, and other local businesses such as Aurora Cafe!

5. All of the above, by 3 local students

It’s pretty hard to believe that this brand that turned into a whole platform was started by a few ambitious Bahrainis as a side hustle during uni… Over 500 cities, over 3500 products, shipping to over 180 countries, and they’re only getting started.

Okay, super impressive for a side hustle…

Click HERE to customize your own and explore all your ‘Mn Wain’ options!!