Bahraini Things We All Do on That Lucky Rainy Day of the Year

The weather is everything today!

It’s raining today, which means all these things are out in full-swing. We don’t know why all Bahrainis have to do these things, all we know is that they’re a thing! Scroll to check them out:

Stories on Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp are all about the weather!

For sure there is no other news channel needed to get updates of the weather!

When it rains, you know it’s picture time

Take out the phones ASAP!

Bring out the winter outfit you’ve saved for the ONE cold & rainy day of the year

All the jackets and sweaters are out

Cruising around town just to enjoy the weather

Cruising for no apparent reason but to enjoy the weather

Sipping on some Karak is mandatory

For real, a compulsion!

The urge to have comfort food when it rains

Any and every comfort food!

Wouldn’t be Bahrain if we did it any other way!

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