Meet Maleeha Al Jamri! The 1st Bahraini Woman to Get the International Arbiter Title

Maleeha Al Jamri, a wiz at both playing and ruling the chessboard, just got the prestigious International Arbiter (IA) title. This makes her the first woman in Bahrain to wear this champion’s crown, and let me tell you, it’s a major win.

Ms. Al Jamri isn’t new to the chess game. Back in 2019, she already aced the FIDE Arbiter title. But this time, she conquered even tougher challenges set by the International Chess Federation (FIDE)! The Bahrain Chess Federation is cheering her on, calling her a legend for both her skills and her dedication to fair play.

Speaking of cheering, the Federation is also recognizing all the amazing Bahraini women taking chess by storm. They’ve got a Women’s Committee that’s all about empowering female chess players, organizers, and referees. Remember that awesome Ramadan chess tournament led by a team of Bahraini women? That’s them in action!

And guess what? There’s more! A whole group of Bahraini chess players, women included, are currently training to become international stars. With the Federation’s support, the sky’s the limit for these brainiacs! So, get ready for even more chess champions from Bahrain – they’re coming for the crowns!

Congrats Maleeha!

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