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5 Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

Crankin’ up that solar power

It’s officially summer, and we’re all tying our best not to touch our seat belts even while we go for a cruise around the island during the partial lockdown! Bahrain summers are pretty intense and so we’ve put together a list of basic practices to keep you beating the heat, and staying in tiptop shape:


We’re all guilty of drinking less water than required for the human body – which is 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women. The easiest hack to getting those fluids in without buying a whole new water bottle, is to infuse your regular water with lemons or cucumbers – making them fruity fresh and loaded with added nutrition as well! Literally just slice up lemons and cucumbers and add them to a jug of water with tons of ice, and you’re set! Other options are of course – fruit loaded juices to keep you cool.

Use SPF – even at home

Sunscreen is the way to go – whether you’re indoors or outdoors. According to WeatherOnline’s UV Index, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will be at a strength of 12, which is the maximum end of the spectrum. So instead of risking severe sun damage to your skin, keep it chill with some SPF 30. Hydra Vizor by Fenty Beauty’s our pick.

Stay minty fresh

Mint is one of the best ways to combat the icky sticky feeling of the Arabian summer – whether you chew it after meals, add it to your water, or using a minty air freshener.

Wear light, loose clothing

Light colors and fabrics like cotton are only going to help make the summer easier and the heat more bearable, and it’s the best way to organize your summer wardrobe too!

Stay home as much as possible

With the ongoing lockdown, it just makes most sense to stay at home and out of the sun – and check out our Things to Do From Home lists to keep you entertained!

Stay cool, guys!

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