A Win for Bahraini Women in Finance! SCW x SICO Bank Launch a Cool Trading Programme

Calling all Bahraini women who love finance! Get ready because SICO Bank’s Equal Opportunities Committee and the Gender Balance Centre at the Supreme Council for Women(SCW) are launching a cool “Trading in Financial Markets” program later this month!

Picture this: two weeks of pure excitement where you’ll level up your trading and investing skills in the global financial markets. We’re talking about hands-on experience in stock market sectors and investment portfolio management that will unleash your potential and open doors you never imagined!

But wait, it gets even better!

This collaboration between SICO Bank and the Supreme Council for Women(SCW) aims to break barriers and create opportunities for Bahraini women in the financial markets.
Get ready for mentoring sessions, interactive workshops, and expert guidance! The top achiever will score an account on the actual trading platform ( And a cool cash prize to kickstart your real trading journey. Fill out that form on the Supreme Council for Women’s website ( before September 17, 2023.

Good Luck!


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