Bahrain Dominates in the Region, Accounting For 40.5% Of Tourism in the GCC

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Bahrain Leads the Way in GCC Tourism Movement!

Did you know that Bahrain is leading the way when it comes to the inter-tourism movement in the GCC? According to Gulf Statistical Council, Bahrain occupied 40.5% of the total inter-tourism movement between the GCC countries. This means that over 2 million tourists are visiting Bahrain, making it the top destination for Gulf travel.

The UAE may be in second place with 25% of the international tourism movement, but Bahrain is the one to watch out for! With a growth rate of 46.2%, the inter-tourism movement in Bahrain is only going up. And the best part? The Arab Gulf countries have big plans for the future of their tourism industry, with a goal to increase the number of domestic tourists spending in the Arab Gulf countries by 2.4% annually and raise the total contribution of the travel and tourism sector to 7% of the direct GDP by 2030.

Bahrain all the way!

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