Bahrain’s National Strategic Plan Extends Till 2050 Instead of 2030 for a Thriving Future

The Urban Planning and Development Authority has some big changes! Instead of stopping at 2030, they’re extending the national strategic structural plan all the way to 2050. They’re covering everything from the economy to new housing cities, and they’re getting ready to kick off the project by putting out a tender real soon.

The authority has been working hard on a reference plan and project conditions. They’re estimating it’ll take around two years to complete, with a target of wrapping up in the third quarter of 2025. This “National Plan” is all about guiding the future of urban and rural development in a well-coordinated and organized way. It’s all about supporting growth in different sectors and building a bright urban future for Bahrain.

This new structural plan will replace the one they updated back in 2016. But that’s not all! The Urban Planning and Development Authority has also allocated funds for initial environmental studies of five new cities. They’re aiming to finish up those studies by November. And get this—they’re even working on creating 3D interactive models for different regions.

And let’s not forget the ongoing projects! They’re currently working on a Buri and lateral logical planning project that’ll cost over BD 495,000. Plus, there’s a field survey project with a budget of around BD94,000.

All in all, the Urban Planning and Development Authority is making sure Bahrain’s future is in good hands. They’re all about careful planning and creating a thriving environment. You can read more about The National Plan right here.

Here’s to a bright and exciting future till 2050!

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