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Burgermania: Picture Perfect & Tasty Treats At This Local Food Truck

Burgers are something we seek, something we crave, and AF Burgers & Sliders are dedicated to delivering just that. They have the tastiest and most fresh burgers in town, you’ll never get enough of them.

Now this is what we call burger goals

They have a wide variety of juicy delicacies whilst maintaining the highest quality. Their Mushroom burger made with fresh mushrooms in the creamiest sauce is the one you absolutely cannot miss.

Perfect for the ‘gram

Who doesn’t love a little rainbow action to brighten up their week? The burgers here are not just the tastiest you will ever find but they’re also the most picture perfect.  If you’re a fan of chicken though, their bright blue crunchy chicken sandwich is what you need to go for – it’ll take your blues away!

P.s.  Their Watani slider depicts the colors of Bahrain flag

Also, can we please talk about this King size burger?

This double patty King burger literally has us drooling. This is literally the most meatiest & juiciest treat and we can’t take our eyes off it. Who’s the burger boss, you may ask? Well now you know!

& their appetizer game is on point

‘Cause sides matter too, don’t they? You’ll get a full decked out appetizer menu over here with crispy shrimps, Cheese sticks, Dynamite chicken, and Onion rings!!

Super fresh refreshments to beat the heat

With a variety of options like blue ocean, strawberry mojito & so much more, these mojitos are just perfect for the summer vibe.

Click HERE to order Af Burgers & Sliders or visit them in Busaiteen. For delivery call 39858313 / 33639851.