Do Home Businesses and Bloggers in Bahrain Really Need a CR? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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So, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce had something to say about Instagram home businesses accounts and bloggers needing an official Commercial Registration (CR). But hold up! That announcement left everyone scratching their heads, ’cause wasn’t it just optional before?

Well, here’s the deal: After that news spread like wildfire on social media, the Ministry stepped in to set things straight. They made it crystal clear that they’ve been taking action on reported accounts, but the whole “you need a CR” frenzy? Totally FALSE! They want you to know that all the buzz on social media is just a bunch of noise.

If you want the real scoop, go straight to the source. The Ministry wants everyone to know that their official info can only be found on their official platforms. No more confusion, folks! It’s time to put those rumors to rest and get the facts straight from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

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