Here Are 20 Spots You Can Get Your Mother’s Day Flowers From In Bahrain

Our Queens

Honestly, Mother’s Day should be celebrated every single day, we think we can all agree on that. Our moms are the primary driving force behind everything we do, aren’t they? This year, the best florists and flower shops are putting together some beautiful arrangements, so we can make all our moms feel a little extra special! Every single mother has sacrificed so much of her time, money and effort to raise us, always with a full-hearted nature. The least we can do to give back is show our appreciation – by way of beautiful flowers!

Some spots on here even have the option to deliver the flowers to you, like a few picks that are on InstaShop, and we’ve compiled them on here! Scroll below to check out your 20 options:

The Fleurologist

Hands down the most extravagant Mother’s Day feature we’ve come across. The shop is run by Nahed Eshaq, who views and uses flowers as an art medium – and she’s quite the artist!! Her flower sculptures go from massive and complex to beautifully minimalist – whichever way you go, it’ll be beautiful!

Contact: 66393656

Alia Flowers

Probably THE staple at this point – Alia Flowers has got flowers, chocolate, bouquets are full arrangements, so you’re never out of beautiful options when you step in there.

Contact: 17714696

LaLaBella Flowers

LaLaBella’s got some arrangements that any mother would love, like their new “Oud Garden” arrangement which come with some Oud and Bukhoor – a whole bundle of good smelling things. The quantity is very limited, so make sure you get on their site and order yours!!

Contact: 17471111


Ivy has partnered up with Maharani Dehn Oud and have put together the most fitting Mother’s Day collection! You can go crazy with fresh OR dry arrangements from Ivy, and you can’t go wrong with any option. Oh, and do you mom a favor and get her some chocolates with those flowers – they’re absolutely delicious!! Our pick: the Saffron chocolates, of course.

Contact: 17179493

Singapore Flower

GREAT customer service over here. They’ll make any edits you’d like to make after placing your orders, and you can pre-schedule your delivery on their website and you wouldn’t have to worry about any pick-up hassles. Plus, some of the most gorgeous arrangements on the island.

Contact: 17742456

Peonia Flowers

Peonia is literally a whole in the wall over in Sanad, with some exclusive and VERY unique flower options! The florists are so passionate and super quick at whipping up the craziest flower bouquets and arrangements. Head over there if you’re a fan of mixing and matching some fun flower colors and types!

Contact: 38070907

Pari Bahrain

You’ve got many arrangements exclusively designed for Mother’s Day – so even embedded around a whole bed of chocolates! Pari is even giving us a special discount on every pre-order: 10% off using the code ‘mom’ at the checkout! Click HERE to check out the website.

Contact: 37211771

Iris Flowers

Okay, so Iris has got some pretty massive flower vase arrangements out here. You get go all out and surprise your mom with an arrangement that’s as big as her – or opt for flowers and chocolates in just as beautiful of an arrangement!

Contact: 35080466


Arezou is a great option for anyone who likes to go a little extra with boxed flower arrangements and aesthetic designs. It’s featured on InstaShop as well, so you can get your flowers delivered to your home by ordering through the app.

Contact: 35194300 or 33822078


Floward has an insane amount of bouquets available – curated in-house by Floward florists, and they’ve even got some exciting collaborations! You’ll find your fave influencers and content creators on there designing curated bouquets, and you can order any for your mom. You can pre-order your flowers, chocolates and gifts from Floward right now (click HERE), or take advantage of their same-day delivery options!

The Floral Therapist

This spot in Janabiyah Square has the greatest handheld flower bouquets, they’re basically stems carrying about 2 bunches of flowers. It’s a very modern and artsy way of gifting flowers, and they’ve even got delivery for those that are on a time crunch!

Contact: Whatsapp 38383303

Magic Touch Flowers

The second InstaShop option with a same-day delivery option! Their physical shop is in Adliya, so you’ve got the option to go in and choose your flowers or pre-order them straight from the app.

Contact: 39312203

Yet another InstaShop option, ensuring you get your flowers and arrangements delivered to you ON Mother’s Day – you can even schedule ahead on the app, for the exact time you’d like your delivery to take place.

Contact: 17331400 or Whatsapp 33441480

Le Flower

You’ve got two more days to pre-order Mother’s Day flowers from Le Flower, and you guys can get them either delivered or picked up!

Contact: 34640144


Fleuriste has entire flower arrangements that are set up to include a full cake – so your mothers are getting beautiful flowers AND dessert!!

Contact: 17414700


This flower shop gives us the option to add chocolate to their bouquet collection, so our moms are getting TWO sweet surprises over here. Swipe through the carousel above to see some of the Mother’s Day specials they’ve got set up.

Contact: 33626292


Doze comes with flowers in captivating colors, and they come in bouquets or even ‘flower envelopes,’ so you’ve got some pretty creative ways to surprise your mom with this one.

Contact: 34419844

Godzilla Flowers

Godzilla Flowers is one of the best options where you can get an abundance of roses – in so many different colors – and in the best price for roses that we’ve come across in Bahrain.

Contact: 77919000

Raheeq Flower Centre

Another bang for your buck here, with all the roses in the world, and they’ve got other flower options so that you can mix & match all you want!

Contact: 17686404

Therapy Florists

Very high-end looking arrangements at this spot! They’ll set up your gifts along with the flowers you pick, and it all looks gorgeous and very fitting as a Mother’s Day special.

Contact: 36150140

Happy Mother’s Day to all our queens out here!

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