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Here’s the Story You Need to Hear About Our Fave Bahraini Card Game

Picture this! It’s a late Ramadan night, just before Suhoor, you’re chilling with family and friends. Someone brings out a card game and suddenly everyone’s competitive. Can you guess which game it is? Yup, that’s right! It’s Bahraini Deal, everyone’s favorite local card game.

A unique Bahraini version of Monopoly

Monopoly is a fun game by itself, but add all the local slang and cities, BOOMMM!! You’ve got yourself a Bahraini crowd favorite! Bahraini Deal is the first card game to come up with this brilliant idea of localizing a famous game and we’re hooked.

Monopoly deal but make it local

You can’t really get bored playing Bahraini Deal because they’re always coming up with new card collections that spice up the game. Trust us, the collections make it even more competitive. Our favorite is the instant karma card ‘دواك عندي’ which you can use as a defence to reverse any action played against you. What goes around comes around, right?

With all the hype Bahraini Deal got, they have released Gam Al Shoot. Playing the game is super easy and fun, but let us warn you, it can get super competitive as well. One of our faves, the Al Nakhal game was available for a limited time but we can expect it to be restocked soon.

Gam Al Shoot is an entirely different concept from the other games and it’s Bahraini slang for ‘getting enthusiastically intense’. All you need to play is a few question and answer cards and a bunch of “ربع فاصلين” Sounds like another crazy hangout filled with laughter.

Here’s a list of where you can find all their games

  • Local game shops like Starshine in Muharraq and Planet Games in Riffa
  • Ice Games in Jid Ali

Find it online