Humanitarian Aid to Gaza: Bahrain Has Sent 79 Tons So Far

The Egyptian Red Crescent has released a statement about the humanitarian aid provided by various countries to support Gaza, and among them is the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain has generously contributed 79 tons of aid as per the instructions of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the respected ruler of Bahrain.

The list of countries that have extended their assistance to Gaza is quite extensive, with a total of nearly 9,000 tons of food, medical supplies, and relief aid being contributed.

Here are some of the countries and the amounts they have provided:

  • Bahrain has sent 79 tons
  • Algeria 104 tons
  • Brazil 3 tons, Britain 56.3 tons
  • Colombia 10 tons
  • Denmark 42 tons
  • Egypt 6,944.29 tons
  • UAE 13.5 tons
  • France 48.2 tons
  • Greece 5 tons
  • India 38 tons
  • Indonesia 23.8 tons
  • Iraq 18 tons
  • Japan 8.6 tons
  • Jordan 20.8 tons
  • Kuwait 412 tons
  • Libya 546.9 tons
  • Malaysia 16 tons
  • Morocco 25 tons
  • Pakistan 165.6 tons
  • Qatar 286 tons
  • Russia 115 tons
  • Saudi Arabia 33 tons
  • Tunisia 12.5 tons
  • Turkey 203.6 tons
  • Turkmenistan 14.3 tons
  • Venezuela 18.15 tons.

The contributions from these countries demonstrate a collective effort to support the people of Gaza in their time of need!

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