If Want to Spice up Your Workout Routine, This Is the Place to Be

Having the same gym routine everyday can get boring and repetitive

But with F45 Training, no two days are ever the same. With over 1500 F45’s worldwide, their “Team Training, Life Changing” philosophy can be felt from the moment you enter. It barely takes a few visits to realize the community atmosphere inside.

Different day, different approach

The workouts are exciting and they’re sure to deliver with all their different programs! Their style of workout is called Functional Training which basically incorporates workouts that mimic everyday movements. These types of workouts are super efficient and targets multiple muscle groups by using basic movement patterns like lifting, squatting, jumping, biking and more. It can’t get any more diverse with all these options, right? We think so too!

They even have their own challenges if you’re up for it. The 45-day Challenge incorporates everything from meal plans to exercises, and is said to be transformational. Sounds challenging but also rewarding if you ask us.

Their two studios, in Riffa and in Saar, have convenient timings throughout the day making it super accessible for anyone wanting to workout.

They have an app too…

‘F45 Training Glofox’ app is making the sign up process so much smoother. They’ve really gone the extra mile to make your workout experience effortless and exciting. They’re really just spoiling us at this point, but who doesn’t love that?

Click HERE to download their booking app to activate your Free Trial to see for yourself.

Disclaimer: COVID-19 restrictions are in place for your safety