Here’s the Update From Bapco Refining on the Oil Tank Leak in Sitra

Bapco Refining has reached a significant milestone in resolving the oil tank leak situation at the Sitra Tank Farm. The damaged floating roof of one tank has been safely lowered to the bottom. Marking a crucial step in the repair process.

Additionally, a substantial reduction in Naphtha product volume has been achieved by transferring it to another tank.

This progress wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts of Bapco Refining’s emergency teams and support from governmental agencies like the Ministry of Interior, Civil Defense, and the Supreme Council for Environment. Specialists are now focused on stabilizing the damaged floating roof to prevent any future incidents.

Bapco Refining is committed to transparent communication! And swift action to ensure the well-being of all stakeholders and the environment.

Stay safe!

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