The Show We ALL Loved! HH Sh Nasser Meets With the Talented Crew of Ana Laha

Big shoutout to “Ana Laha,” the Ramadan program that’s crushing it! This STC Bahrain project, led by social media star Omar Farooq, isn’t just racking up views (over 200 million, wow!), it’s catching the eye of royalty too. His Highness Shaikh Nasser himself gave them a shoutout for their awesome social experiments.

These experiments weren’t just for entertainment, though. They tackled some real social issues in Bahrain, sparking important conversations about everything from depression to disability. Plus, with a team that’s 90% Bahraini, “Ana Laha” is a big win for Bahrain’s creative scene, showing they can make content that hits home and makes a difference.

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