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Perks Of Being A Student: This App Will Make Sure You Get the Best Discounts Possible

Unipal really said #طلابنا_يستاهلون and they meant it!

It’s no secret that being a student is not easy, it can be a load academically and also financially. But Unipal is here to lighten your burden. So, what’s not to love?

P.S. even if you graduated within the last 2 years, you get to enjoy the perks of these discounts!

But first, coffee!

When we think of group assignments or a place to chill with friends, the first place that comes in mind is a good old coffee shop. Unipal has over 30 coffee shops with multiple offers available. Not just that, they also have various restaurants that we can enjoy.

It doesn’t stop there though…

When uni work can be a bit too much, a relaxing spa session or balanced gym routine can be a major stress buster. But what if we told you, you get discounts on those too? Yep! Unipal’s got you covered!


This App is literally a child’s play

Just register your account with your student details and you’re sorted! You will get a digital student ID so you won’t need to carry your physical card anymore! Not just that, they have a new premium feature coming soon, called the ‘Digital Rewards’ which basically allows you to receive vouchers and even send them to your friends.

Their Instagram not only has all discount updates and information, but they also have giveaways for students & fresh graduates!

To download Unipal click HERE !