Proud! Bahraini Chef Tala Bashmi Wins Rising Star at the 2023 Best Chef Awards

Bahraini Chef Tala Bashimi rocked the culinary world by getting the Rising Star at the Best Chefs Award 2023 gala in Mexico! She also landed the 63rd spot among the top 100 chefs worldwide. Talk about a major win!

So, what’s the deal with The Best Chef?

It’s this awesome community of food lovers from all over the globe. Created back in 2015 by a brainy Polish neuroscientist named Joanna Slusarczyk and an Italian gastronomist named Cristian Gadau. They’re all about celebrating talented chefs and creating a space where culinary enthusiasts can connect and share their love for all things food.

The Best Chefs Awards, Area Talks, Food Meets Science—these are just a few of the cool initiatives they’ve got going on. And trust me, their social media and website are treasure troves of culinary goodness for anyone who’s hungry for knowledge (pun intended).

What sets them apart from other culinary rankings is their focus on the chefs themselves. It’s not just about where they work or what restaurant they’re in charge of—it’s about their unique approach to food and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

And that’s where our superstar, Chef Tala Bashimi, comes in. This Bahraini chef wowed the judges and stole the show at the Best Chefs Award gala. Winning the Rising Star Award is a huge deal, and landing in the top 100 chefs in the world is nothing short of incredible. Tala’s culinary creations are a burst of innovation and flavor, putting Bahrain on the global food map.

This win is a game-changer for Chef Tala and a proud moment for Bahrain. She’s an inspiration for aspiring chefs and a shining example of what passion and dedication can achieve.

Keep an eye out for this rising star—she’s cooking up something extraordinary!

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