PSA: Beware of Ramadan Charity Scams in Bahrain

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During Ramadan, while many aim to do good through charitable donations, scammers exploit this generosity. This article highlights a recent scam targeting kindhearted people in Bahrain.

The Scam:

  • Fake Charity Ads: Social media advertisements promise bulk water bottle donations to the needy.
  • WhatsApp Contact: People are lured to contact numbers on WhatsApp for more information.
  • Fake Payment Link: Once contacted, victims receive a payment link that steals their bank or card details.

Real Stories, Real Losses:

Ali Beshara, a cybersecurity expert, confirmed these scams target Bahraini citizens and residents donating for water bottles. He shared details of victims who lost significant amounts:

  • One victim lost BD2,000 after being offered a free water bottle bonus with their donation.
  • Another victim lost BD4,000 through the same deceptive tactics.

Stay Safe This Ramadan!