The Days of Waiting for Buses Are Now Over Because We’re Getting Real-Time Passenger Information in Bahrain

Real Time Passenger Information

Passengers using Public transport buses in the Kingdom will no longer have to wait anxiously at bus stops without knowing when their ride will arrive. RTPIs or real-time passenger information systems will be installed at bus stops by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication.

The information provided by this service allows passengers to plan their trip in a more efficient and precise manner and make more informed decisions in the event of delays. The system, planned for ten bus stops in the Kingdom, would give passengers better control over their travel time and course.

With RTPI, buses are able to announce their estimated arrival time to passengers at bus stops equipped with it. As part of the tender for the purchase of RTPI, the system will provide real-time arrival & departure information for public buses at bus stops.”It will increase the quality of public transportation services by decreasing the waiting time at bus stops,” the Ministry adds. The tender is for installing RTPI at ten bus stops in the Kingdom. Bids must be submitted by the 24th of this month, along with a BD500 bond and BD15 tender fee.

Real-Time Passenger Information

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