Update! Temporary Lane Closures on Al Fateh Highway

Hey guys, heads up! The Ministry of Works just announced some road works happening near Gulf Hotel Junction on Al Fateh Highway that will cause some roads to close. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. The right turn lane for northbound traffic from Mina Salman to Awal Avenue east (Juffair Area) will be completely closed. So if you’re heading that way, find an alternative route!
  2. For all the drivers coming from Mina Salman and wanting to turn left onto Bani Otbah Avenue west (Adliya Area). The left turn lane is getting a full closure too. Time to find a detour and keep the wheels rolling!
  3. Full closure of the U-Turn for the the northbound traffic coming from the Mina Salman and back to Mina Salman.

But hey, don’t worry too much! They’ve got a plan. Traffic movement will be diverted to the new U-turn flyover. So just follow the signs and stay in the know.

These closures will be in effect from November 28 at 1 am until November 29 at 9 am. So mark your calendars and plan accordingly, people! Drive safe and remember, detours can sometimes lead to unexpected adventures.

Stay Safe!

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