We Asked You What the Best Bookstore in Bahrain Was and Here Are the Top 10

Your picks!

A touching fantasy, an atomic science fiction, or perhaps a little gritty realism? Whatever you may fancy, books have helped us all escape from our reality into an alternate one. So in order to help eachother find the best, we asked you what the best bookstore in Bahrain was and here are the top 10 picks!

neo books & coffee

The coffee bookshop hybrid is here to take the top spot, and for all the right reasons!

Bahrain’s Convenient Library

Books to share and super easily accessible, Bahrain’s Convenient Library is a win!


Get your fave books delivered to your doorstep by Richbookshop!


The OG needs no intro!

Virgin Megastore

A place most of us call home!

Books 365 BH

This place has a vast variety of new and preloved books!

BLB Bookstore

This place has a bunch of options for kids as well as adults!

National Bookshop

Arabic collection and so much to choose from!


All your arabic reads are sorted at this spot!


You need to check out this spot in Muharraq!

Great reads!

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