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You Can Have Authentic Palestinian Food at This Restaurant in Bahrain

First of its kind!

Palestine Nights Restaurant is one of the first restaurants to serve authentic mouth-watering Palestinian delicacies which is simply too hard to resist.

A little family backstory

This family-owned business started 4 years ago and quickly set its benchmark in Bahrain. This pristine restaurant was painted, designed and even hand embroidered by the family members. Everything from taking orders to preparation and even home delivery was done by them, before expansion of the business.  

No compromise with safety or quality

Keeping in mind the safety guidelines to be followed, the food here is made with lots of precaution and lots and lots of love! Their trained staff is under continuous family supervision to ensure high quality and commitment in all departments. Their Palestinian cuisine is continuously developed whilst maintaining its authenticity.

Good food, good vibe

The vibe of the place definitely matches with the food and it’s all too cool to miss. Plus they have outdoor seating as well.

It’s located in Muharraq with anytime – anywhere delivery.