6 Things To Try Instead Of Making New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions go unachieved about 80% of the time, so the goal here is to pretty much try a simpler approach with relatively smaller, more achievable goals!

Scroll below to check out what you can try instead:

Choose a word for the year ahead

One word that you can keep going back to, if you ever lose sight of what you wanted your year to look like!

Make a bucket list for the year

Plans do change, like we’ve seen in the past year, but having a bucket list can help keep us motivated and inspired to check things off the list whenever we can!!

Make a monthly to-do list

Long-term but also short-term lists, and they help us stay organized (which we all hope to be). More focused than yearly lists, and usually consist of smaller and more important tasks you need to get done for the month.

Shift bigger goals into smaller micro-habits

These will ultimately be more manageable and require less effort, making your goals more achievable and waaay less stressful.

Make changes that’ll affect the wellness of your life in general

Ask yourself one question: What can you do to make sure you’re prioritizing and fulfilling the things that are important to you?

Recognize where you’re at right now, when thinking of your goals

For us to set realistic goals, we need realistic timelines considering where we are right now and how we can accommodate and achieve these goals – given what our lives have for us in the present.


Happy New Year, locals!