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7 Bahraini Podcasts That Should Be On Your Radar

The podcast revolution has reached Bahrain, and the local talent is 100 percent bringing it with so many insightful and interesting Podcasts. Scroll through our list to find something cool to fill the silence on your next drive, or workout or if even if you’re just staying in!

Local x Local

Don’t mind the self promotion here, we’re starting out with our very own Local x Local podcast. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a weekly IGTV and podcast where we to locals that have contributed to the community in many fields.

On the episode above, Fida and Maryam talk to Mary-Justine Todd, the  Founder & Executive Director of Shamsaha!! Check us out on Anchor.FM, Spotify and Apple Music or watch it live, every Saturday on our IGTV!

Women Power Podcast

The Women Power Podcast is an offset of The Women Power Summit which is an annual event concerned with impowering women in the region. Host, Wafa Obaidat talks to women from around MENA to gain their perspective on all sorts of issues.

5osh Fkra

5osh Fkra is a local Podcast that talks to local entrepreneurs in a funny, witty manner. They dissect current trends in local culture, with inspiring guests!! If you haven’t already, check this one out.


Daera, which is Arabic for circle is a very inspiring podcast hosted by Jehan Alkhateeb. The podcast is concerned with all sorts of topics from finding love, to content creation to even cancel culture. Very insightful!


If you’re a film buff, this one’s for you! Zawya, which translates to corner, discusses film theory and trends in a very accessible way, they range from science fiction to horror to even the portrayal of aliens in film. Very interesting stuff!


Another Arabic word here, we’re sensing a trend! Fa9la, Arabic for comma, discusses different significant “pauses” in everyday life. Their topics have a wide array, from passion to motherhood and everything in between.


A very engaging one right here, this podcast deals primarily in hypotheticals – asking questions that force you to think! The title, Laou, meaning ‘If’ is the main jumping off point here; with their episodes centering around questions like “What if your life was all a dream?”

Have fun!

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