Did You Know That the First Bear to Arrive in the GCC Was the Manama Bear in 1932?

In 1932, Bahrain got its first bear, and it became an instant hit! The British Residency of the Arabian Gulf gifted the Manama Bear to the capital municipality, and they proudly placed it in Bakhsha Park, a lively public park filled with various animals!

Locals went to see the bear, and for many, it was the first time they’d ever seen one. The Manama Bear quickly stole hearts, becoming a favorite weekend attraction. Kids and adults alike loved visiting Bakhsha Park just to see this unique newcomer.

Tragically, the beloved bear passed away in 1936, and the entire community was saddened. The capital municipality even issued a formal notice about the bear’s death. People were so upset that they demanded another bear for the kids to enjoy.

This love for the bear continued until the park’s closure in 1946. The Manama Bear’s story remains a charming piece of Bahrain’s history, reminding us of a time when a single bear could bring so much joy to an entire community.

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