Join the Movement With ‘Be Like Water’ Fundraiser in Loving Memory of Mohanna Al Dosseri

In loving memory of Mohanna Al Doseri Be Like Water fundraiser initiative

Remembering a shining light, for a brighter future for all!

“Be Like Water” is a fundraising initiative in honor of Mohanna Al Dossari. Mohanna was a kind and passionate soul who inspired many with his positive outlook on life and unwavering support of the diabetic community. Tragically, he has passed away, but his memory and impact will live on through this initiative!

“Be Like Water” is a fundraiser initiative in memory of Mohanna. They partnered with the Bahrain Diabetes Society to sell merchandise inspired by him. Also, all proceeds will go towards providing blood sugar sensors for underprivileged children. Mohanna lived with diabetes but saw it as a chance to live a healthy, active life and spread awareness. He was passionate about eco-friendliness and was creating his own merchandise line for Beach Culture. Therefore, BLW is continuing in his honor.

BLW hopes that you can feel the joy and lightness that Mohanna brought into the world. His passion for life, love for the environment, and infectious smile are all reflected in these products. By purchasing one of these products, you will not only own a piece of Mohanna’s legacy, but you will also be contributing to a brighter future for children with diabetes!

Join BLW in making a difference, one purchase at a time!

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