Meet Captain (Dr.) Fares! A Bahraini Surgeon Revolutionizing Shoulder, Elbow & Sports Surgeries

Captain (Dr.) Fares, is a groundbreaking surgeon specializing in shoulder, elbow, and sports surgeries. As the youngest board-certified orthopedic surgeon in the country, Dr. Fares is transforming how these surgeries are performed with minimally invasive techniques that help patients recover faster.

With over ten years of dedication, Dr. Fares has been the trusted personal physician to HH Sh. Nasser. He graduated with honors from RCSI Bahrain and has received advanced training at top institutions in Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Canada.

Dr. Fares currently practices under the Royal Medical Services – BDF, known for providing the best healthcare in Bahrain. You can find him at King Hamad University Hospital, where he offers expert care to his patients.

Dr. Fares’ journey showcases Bahrain’s commitment to excellence in healthcare. His achievements highlight the nation’s medical expertise and inspire future generations of Bahraini doctors. Captain (Dr.) Fares is a shining example of Bahrain’s medical community, leading the way in orthopedic surgery and patient care.


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