This Local Has The Most Impressive Movie Memorabilia Collection You’ll See In Bahrain

This dude is out here collecting the best line-up of figurines

Basel Al-Aradi has been collecting these crazy figures and memorabilia since, well, forever.

At 6 years old, Basel was already saving up his cash to buy a new figure every week, and this obsession grew from there. From smaller, keepsake figurine collections he started off with, he now collects high end, life-sized props from red carpets, some are even signed by actors/actresses and stars!!

Check these out, the Annabelle character from the Conjuring Series, and The Nun character from the famous Conjuring 2 – very detailed, VERY creepy. Not sure about you guys… but we wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing these are in the same house as us.

Kudos to you, Basel

He was discouraged by people around him, who didn’t see the point, but he kept on collecting until he saw that his collection was worth A LOT of money.

Even his dad, once a non-believer, is super impressed

At this stage, Basel even consults people here and there on all-things-memorabilia!!

I mean… Who doesn’t want this life-sized, super realistic Joker staring back at them every night…?

Click HERE to check out the entire collection