This Local Organization Raised BD100,000 in 31 Minutes to Help 5 Underprivileged Families

sad citizen hamad town charity bahrain donations campaign

Raising donations for a good cause!

This account in Bahrain just helped Hamad Town Charity raise BD100,000 to aid 5 families in rebuilding their homes! One of the houses was in a deteriorating condition and was at a critical stage, putting the family at risk at all times!

credit: sad_citizen

Our local legend, @sad_citizen helps with such cases in Bahrain. Through his followers on Instagram, he invites people to donate to local charities authorized to raise donations!

credit: sad_citizen

The combined incredible effort by society enabled the charity to raise BD50,000 in the first 11 minutes, and 100,000 in 31 minutes! with a total of 103K! The donations are set to help 5 families (20 people) and will immensely improve their housing situations.

We couldn’t be more proud of all citizens!

Heartwarming people of Bahrain!

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