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10 Places In Bahrain To Get Yummy Donuts ASAP


Donuts are incredible and are constantly coming out with unique tastes and textures, keeping things exciting.

There are also classic like the glazed and original donuts which are simple yet timeless. You can have them for breakfast, you can have them for dessert.

Here’s 10 spots in Bahrain:


Onut is a local donut shop that offers delicious confections. They also have donut bombs (little donut balls) in many flavors. Additionally, they offer kits for children to decorate their own donuts!! Their donuts start at 500 fils a piece.

Lofty Donuts

Popular donut spot in Bahrain after Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts. They are tasty, have a lot of variety, and are local! Found in 7 locations in Arad, Zallaq, Juffair, Seef and a few more as well as Talabat for delivery. A donut is .500 fils on average and a box of 6 is 2.5BD and a box of 12 is 3BD.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the most famous donut shops around the world! It started in 1950 and offers very aesthetically pleasing rings. Donuts are around 500 fils a piece and 4.200 BD a dozen.

Tim Hortons

Canada’s favorite spot for coffee and Timbits (little donut balls) since 1964 and we finally got one in 2016! Great coffee, baked good and lunch options but the donut is king here. Get a box of 12 for 3.6BD or one donut like the Maple Dip for 0.600 fils. Find it in Galleria Mall or order online through Talabat, Carriage, or Hungerstation.

Planet Donut & Bakery

A great local choice with three locations in Zinj, Sitra, Hamad Town with over 30 flavors like chocolate, blueberry cake, and Cinnamon Glaze ranging from 0.200-0.500 fils.

Bait Al Donut

Bahrain’s original donut shop since 1991! With 18 locations in Bahrain and other branches in Kuwait, Qatar, and Libya. Bait Al Donut never disappoints and is always a good option to hit up for some of the classic donuts with the fam or friends.

Hole’n One

A new spot opened by the people behind Bait Al Donut, there are 6 locations and you gotta check it out for a good combo of coffee and donuts that range from 0.400-0.550fils. Try the Sprinkle Pink donut or the Deluxe Powder, yum!

Crumbles Bakery

Very chic hang out place to make you feel cute! They have eclairs and cronuts on the menu and you have to try a cronut at least once in your life it’s like a croissant and donut got together and threw a savory party in your mouth. Find it in Riffa and on Carriage for delivery.

My Deli Bakery

Delicious sweet dough made to order from this bakery and they’re gluten-free! A box of 12 will run your 16BD and can come in an assortment of glazed, vanilla bean, chocolate, and blueberry. DM on Instagram or call to order.


A home-based bakery that specializes in TASTY dessert! You can find them at Food Lab in Riffa and The Coffee Station in Arad. You HAVE to try donuts from here like the glazed or Cinnamon Roll donuts.

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