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It’s World Chicken Wings Day and Here Are 8 Spots in Bahrain for You to Check Out

The wonder of the world 101

Is there anything better or even remotely close to a good plate of chicken wings? We doubt that! Be it a tangy orange buffalo or a creamy white ranch and please let’s not forget lemon pepper, we’re all about the best finger food in the world. It’s World chicken wings day today and we have a list of 8 spots on the island for you to check out.


We’re not sharing a plate from Wingman, it’s so good!!

Bird Restaurant

You’re sure to be spoilt for choice here, they’ve got a bunch of flavors and we’re trying ’em all!

Buffalo Wings & Rings

Buffalo Wings & Rings needs no intro!


We’re ordering wings for dinner!


Boneless Buffalo Wings anyone?

Wing Station

This food truck in Busaiteen serves our very own wings with a bunch of different sauce options. Check them out if you’re a sucker for condiments like us *nods*.

Papa Johns

We’re in for a treat!

Texas Longhorn

Buffalo wings anyone?

BRB, drooling!

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