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This Spot In Adliya Has A New Menu Every Single Day And It’s Opening Tomorrow

Susy Massetti is a popular chef in Bahrain, and she’s taken her ‘organic farming’ idea to a whole new level with the anticipated opening of L’Orto, with a “farm to table” concept.

This basically means that everything you’d have at the restaurant is made with the freshest ingredients in Bahrain!! The menu will change every single day, what’s best in the market every single day will make up the menu of that day.

Why is this the coolest concept we’ve heard of in Bahrain?

The promise is food as if you’re in Toscana – right here on our island – and we DESPERATELY need a taste of Italy right now.

WHERE: Adliya, Block 338

L’Orto, you’ll see me at 7pm tomorrow

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