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We Asked You What Your Fav Pastry Spot In Bahrain Was & Here Are Your Top Picks

Out of options on where to get your pastries from? We all have our go-to spots for a sweet treat and we asked you what are yours! From buttery croissants to flaky baklava. Bahrain has some seriously delicious pastry options. We’ve got you covered with 6 pastry spots that our followers picked!

Tariq Pastry

The OG!
Where: 10 Branches all over Bahrain!
Contact: Click Here

Red Croissant Bakery

The yummiest and tender-est pastries in town!
Where: 8 Branches all over Bahrain
Contact: 77995551

Pak Thezeeb Bakery

If you’re craving some traditional Pakistani pastry then this spot should be your go-to!
Where: Riffa
Contact: 33684282

Al Manar Bakery

Once you try Manar Bakery there’s no going back!
Where: Busaiteen, Segaya, Jidhafs, Jid Ali, Aali
Contact: Click Here

The Lebanese Bakery

Lebanese Bakery is so loved by the locals in Bahrain!
Where: Seef & Riffa
Contact: 17595559 & 17595550

Vanilla Bakehouse

We’ll let the picture speak for itself!
Where: Riffa
Contact:  3878 8880

Time To Go & Grab Pastries!

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