24 Amazing Street Art You Can See Around Bahrain

The street art scene in Bahrain is gaining momentum.

Bahrain has hundreds if not thousands of talented artists and their work can now be seen more than ever through social media and the growing art culture on the island. From art galleries, museums, and exhibitions to festivals and installations; the art community is visibly growing.

Apart from painting, drawing, and sculpting, an emerging method of creative expression is through street art. If you’ve ever walked around Block 338, Adliya, you might have noticed these art murals. Block 338 continues to be a popular spot to celebrate street art. Graffiti artists in Bahrain are often commissioned for their work through the Ministry of Culture, art exhibitions, and local businesses, and otherwise are responsible for getting permission from owners to create art on public walls although you can often see street art created on abandoned structures.

Some artistic styles found can range from Arabic calligraphy, mosaics, murals and original characters, Bahrain is home to some of the most wonderful street art in the region, often to instill positive vibes which are appreciated by many.

Street art can be found around the world and many cities are famous for them, having tourists and residents going on walks to discover some famous graffiti locations such as in Dubai, Toronto, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Bristol, Melbourne, Stockholm, Berlin, and so on.

So we have picked 24 art murals in Bahrain to know about.

1. Self-portrait, Block 338

2. Pillars under the bridge at Bahrain Bay

3. Bahrain Bay bridge pillars #2

4. Elephant mural, Block 338

5. Cultural installation, Bahrain Bay

6. B-Safe, Block 338

7. OTB mural, Block 338

8. Found in Block 338

9. Woman and her cat, Block 338

10. The Dream Catcher, Muharraq

11. Mural at Paper Cup Cafe, Jasra

12. Art installation on a van

13. Dilmun inspired hero Gilgamesh, Andalus Garden

14. At Grafeatii, Amwaj

15. Batoola Girl, Youth Innovation Centre, Umm Al Hassam

16. Arabic graffiti at Urban Avenue, Seef

17. Boxer at Spartan Fitness Gym

18. Caligraffiti pillar, Merchant House Boutique Hotel

19. Mural at Solymar Beach, Amwaj

20. Caribbean mural, Viola lounge, Adliya

21. Grafeatii mural, Amwaj

22. Characters, Adliya

23. Gangsta Girl, Block 338

24. Full building mural, Pearling Path, Muharraq

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16. MoKey1, @mokeyy_

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