A Bahrain-Based Lawyer Painted A Centerpiece That Beautifully Captures Female Empowerment

The creative world is thriving even during a pandemic and videos like the one we’re about to show you is a great example of the optimism and inspiration that art can do for the community, as a collective.

Sneha Ajith, a Bahrain-based lawyer, part-time model, and an all-around ball of talent shared a video of herself painting a centerpiece to be sent back to her hometown in Kerala and it majestically illustrates the beauty of art and how it can encompass skill, culture, and unity.

SO beautiful, watch her entire process here:

This is talent on another level

LocalBH spoke to Ajith who told us that the painting is a take on “empowered women who love to read, play music, and are just doing what they love to do.”

Sneha works as a lawyer in the Kingdom

…who’s also a professional traditional dancer and model

Talk about a triple threat!

Follow her on IG @snehaajith