Here Are 10 Local YouTubers You Should Keep On Your Radar

Top 10 local youtubers from Bahrain 2023

Local YouTubers!

YouTube has been one of the biggest media platforms since the early 2000s, and now Bahrainis are taking it by storm! Here are 10 Bahraini YouTubers who are making their way up the ranks on YouTube and have great content that will give you a peek at the amazing talents in Bahrain.

Omar Farooq

Omar Farooq is all about new experiences—from crazy challenges to finding out how things work in real life (like what is one day like at different occupations). This one is great for people who love adventure or just want a fresh perspective on things!


Yahya features fun content like challenges, pranks, and more. If you want something lighthearted to watch, this is the perfect channel.


Looking for news experiences around the world (or new experiences from the comfort of your home)? Then Abdulrahman Farooq’s Youtube channel is for you! From trending content to fun challenges and experiences, Haman will definitely give you new ideas and you could try them out!

Abdullah AlNoaimi

Who doesn’t love watching reaction videos? If you love seeing people’s reactions Abdullah AlNoaimi’s channel is the way to go! From FIFA reactions to football content in general, you should definitely check this one out!

Ahmed Sharif

Comedy fans this one is for you! If you ever want to have a good laugh, chances are Ahmed Sharif can do it! With his high-quality productions to daily incidents that are so relatable. This channel is a must!

Hamood 880

Hamood 880 is all about gaming. He has videos that cover everything from the latest games to tips and tricks to help you improve your game-play. It’s a great channel if you love games and want to get more out of them! Not only that, but from time to time he’ll try out new things and share them in his channel.

Mariom 21

Girls, if you’re not following Mariom 21 then what are you doing? Mariam is an actress and a YouTuber that shares lots of fun content for all the Bahraini girls here. You’ll have loads of fun so make sure to check her out!


Kajj’s channel is all about challenges, vlogs, and new experiences! If you love this side of YouTube, you wouldn’t want to miss out on his videos!

Movie Convo (Mohamed Fareed)

If you love watching movies, then this one is for you! Movie Convo by Mohamed Fareed is a movie-reviewing channel that has all the tea! Whether you’re looking for movie reviews, suggestions, or top-rated movies, Mohamed Fareed has your back!

Nawdiaries by Nawra Darwish

When we say fashion, routines, and hauls! Nawra has it all, so take a look around her YouTube Channel for all girls’ content, and the best fits!

So whether it’s for fun, new experiences, or gaming, these 9 YouTubers are great at sharing their experiences with others. So get ready—you’re going to fall in love with them!

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