8 Insanely Chocolatey Desserts in Bahrain to Try on World Chocolate Day

Happy World Chocolate Day!

What better way to celebrate this awesome day than by indulging in some seriously chocolatey desserts in Bahrain? We’ve got you with 8 spots that serve irresistibly chocolatey desserts that’ll make your day EXTRA sweet!

Kunafa Dynamite – Cine Cafe

Remember the viral chocolate pistachio kunafa bar? Cine Cafe took it to a whole other level!

TCC – Chocomelt

Everyone that’s tried this, already knows what this cake does to you.

Chocolate Burger – MILKD

If you love a good burger you’re gonna love this chocolate take on it!

Kunafa Chocolate – Janahi Sweets

Kunafa chocolate but in 4 DIFFERENT FLAVORS GUYS!

THE Brownie – Whipped

A fudgy chocolatey brownie topped with icecream and drizzled with more chocolate? We’ll have 10.

25 HOURS – Woodbury

We don’t need to say much, just look at that.

Triple Chocolate Cake – Reever Choco


Iced Chocolate – SPARK

Not a hot chocolate, but an ICED one! Topped with more chocolate and its just perfect for the summer.

Treat yourself to the finest chocolate delights Bahrain has to offer!

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