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You Need To Try The Craziest Milkshakes With Endless Toppings At This Hotel In Seef

You Need To Try The Craziest Milkshakes in Bahrain localbh

Insane Milkshakes for your sweet tooth.


Black Tap is a craft burger and shakes shop found at Jumeirah Royal Saray that’s serving up insane milkshakes that you have to go try if you’re craving something sweet and you literally can’t leave unhappy.

Serving mouth-watering creations, Black Tap is located in Seef and is open from 12 pm to 12 am on weekdays and 12 pm to 5 am on weekends! This shop serves flavors like Oreo Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, and Caramel and loaded with chocolatey syrups, generous dollups of whipcream and and topped with oreo cookie icrecream, cookies, brownies and more drizzles and mini chocolate chips.

One tasty dessert treat you can get is the strawberry milkshake. It’s made with strawberry ice cream and topped with cotton candy, a lollipop, whip cream, and more candy. You’ll want to drop everything you’re doing and head there right away for this crazy shake.

These epic shakes only cost 3.5 BD and you can get them all year long. If you prefer something sweet and salty you can get a peanut butter milkshake that’s perfect for a chocolate lover with toppings like M&Ms, pretzels, peanut butter cups, whip cream, and caramel drizzle.

The shop’s decor is just as sweet as their desserts, with jars of candy everywhere and colorful graffiti giving it a fun modern candy shop vibe.