This Event in Bahrain Will Let You Channel Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Ready to wear that detective hat?

We’re heading to 221B Baker Street for this one! Or maybe just somewhere in Bahrain is fine too! Okay, let’s get straight to business! AIESEC in Bahrain has organized a super cool event with The People at The Harbour Row on the 22nd of January and all you detectives need to be there! Solve mysteries, play fun games and super cool activities, all to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes!

Participate in ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,’ a group treasure hunt game and ‘Deceive Me,’ a game where u need to figure out who among the team members has a fake identity by talking and asking each other questions! Super cool right?

Sherlock Holmes, the event will be on the 22nd of January at The Harbour Row, Bahrain Financial Harbour, 4 pm to 7 pm.
Entry is free!

Registration is required to attend so click here to book a spot!

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