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This Bahrain Based All Natural Brand Is Making Strides In The Beauty Community

Strides In The Beauty Community bahrain

Natural beauty products can be found all over and are popular because they don’t use harmful ingredients or chemicals that can be damaging to your skin. With all these new sustainable brands emerging, one to focus on is Green Bar Inc, a Bahraini based company that focuses on natural ingredients.

Launched in 2006, this skincare line created by Reem Al Khalifa is an apothecary that uses native medicinal plants to create luxury botanical beauty oils infused in many types of products. By using fruits, flowers, herbs and natural resins for fragrance and containing no artificial additions, only natural preservatives, It is a modern take on the region’s old Middle East beauty rituals.

Simple and real recipes made by cold-pressed oils infused with concentrated plant essences to create a “wondrous combination of fragrances and experience”.

Products focus on the face, body, perfume, anti-aging, dental care, cleansers, home purifiers, immune boosters such as the Aleppo soap, Pearl powder, hydrating honey mask, intensive antioxidant moisturizer, jujube, and mint soap, all in recycled brown glass bottles.

You can check them out in Riyadat Mall or online and their store hours are Sunday to Thursday 9 am – 5 pm. Friday is open only on the online shop.