Bahrain is Launching the “Tourist Passport” This Eid Al Adha!

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) is launching the exciting new “Tourist Passport” during Eid Al Adha. This fun initiative aims to attract visitors to explore Manama’s vibrant areas and top attractions.

Sarah Buhijji, CEO of BTEA, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “We’re thrilled to launch the Tourist Passport, inviting everyone to discover Manama’s rich history, cultural gems, and unique spots that blend tradition and modernity.”

With the Tourist Passport, you’re in for an enjoyable adventure around Manama, checking out its coolest attractions and even getting a chance to win fantastic prizes through an exciting draw!

Buhijji emphasized BTEA’s commitment to keeping things fresh and fun in the tourism scene! Aiming to bring more visitors to Manama and boost its reputation as a top tourist hotspot.

The Tourist Passport grants access to 18 amazing sites, including cultural landmarks, beaches, entertainment hubs, and shopping centers. The more sites you visit, the higher your chances of winning awesome prizes! Like two-night trips to Bahrain with perks—accommodation, meals, massages, and beach access!

You can pick up your Tourist Passport at Bahrain International Airport, City Centre Bahrain Mall, or The Avenues. Each site has a digital stamping platform where you can scan a QR code to get a digital stamp in your passport! And increase your chances in the prize draw. The passport features the slogan “Manama: The Gulf Tourism Capital.”

Featured spots include Manama Souq, Bahrain Fort, Al Fateh Mosque, Bahrain National Museum, Al Riwaq Art Space, Block 338, Bahrain Bay, Reef Island, Moda Mall, and more.

So grab your Tourist Passport and start a fun-filled journey through Manama, discovering incredible attractions and maybe winning some cool prizes along the way!

Manama: The Gulf Tourism Capital!

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