Bahrain Ranks 1st in the GCC for Women With Degrees, Tech Skills & More

A women-empowering Kingdom! Bahrain shines globally, securing the top spot in the GCC for women with degrees, digital/technological skills, communication technology, and employee training! As revealed by IMD’s World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2023.

This recognition underscores Bahrain’s commitment to fostering a skilled and competitive local workforce. The Kingdom’s emphasis on education and training has positioned it as a regional hub for talent, innovation, and technology. With a proven track record, Bahrain’s success is not just a testament to its economic prowess! But also highlights its dedication to empowering women and cultivating a workforce equipped with essential digital skills. As it continues to lead in various aspects of competitiveness, Bahrain stands out as a dynamic player on the global stage, attracting attention for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence.


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