Bahrain’s Registered Vehicle Count Hits Over 747,000 in 2023

In 2023, Bahrain saw a lot happening in its vehicle scene. Here’s a breakdown:

In 2023, Bahrain witnessed a dynamic surge in its automotive landscape, with a total of 747,305 vehicles hitting the roads. Private vehicles led the pack with 575,294 registrations, followed by 44,151 private transport vehicles and 32,900 public transport vehicles.

Motorcycles, numbering 27,675, and 186 racing cars also made their mark. The year saw 20,665 new private vehicles and 5,993 rental vehicles added to the mix, along with 2,121 motorcycles and 203 private transport vehicles.

Despite the influx of new vehicles, 31,717 were cancelled, primarily private vehicles. The General Directorate of Traffic issued 45,606 driving licenses, with private licenses being the most common.

In 2023, Bahrain’s automotive landscape showcased resilience and vibrancy, reflecting the kingdom’s evolving mobility culture and commitment to automotive excellence.

So, 2023 was a busy year for Bahrain’s roads, with plenty of new vehicles joining the ranks, alongside some saying goodbye, and many getting their licenses to hit the road.

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