Distance-Learning Is Being Proposed For The Next School Year In Bahrain

Students in Bahrain may have to adapt to distance learning since lawmakers in the Kingdom have proposed the bill for it in the upcoming school year. The proposal comes as one of the methods in combatting the spread of COVID-19.

Gulf News reports that the bill for this e-learning proposal was presented by legislators, of which includes the Speaker of the Council of Representatives Fawzia Zainal. It’s all up to the Cabinet to give the green light and set the duration of the online schooling system.

Bahrain’s classes were suspended back in March as part of the health and safety measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Bahrain schools have plans to reopen on September 16, while private schools will reopen on different dates starting mid-August

MP Ahmed Al Ansari, who co-wrote the draft bill, told Akhbar Al Khaleej on Friday that the drafted bill’s aims are to control the quality of distance-learning, to meet the standard administrative, academic and technical requirements, ensuring students’ rights are intact as well as having the needed infrastructures.

Private schools will also have to abide by the Ministry of Education’s fees that will be set for remote learning.