Sharjah’s 4-Day Work Week Proves to Be a Great Success With an 88% Increase in Productivity

Bahrain, can we please talk about this?

According to a study presented during a meeting of the Sharjah Executive Council, Sharjah’s four-day work week has proven to be a great success with an 88% increase in employee productivity and a 90% rise in job satisfaction! Sharjah switched to a three-day weekend in January last year.

Not just that, the new working week also showed the attendance rate to go up to 74% while sick leave rates decreased by 46%. A 61% rise in the rate of providing e-government services outside official working hours has also been seen!

Improvement in job performance increased by 90% and 91% of employees said they felt happy after the new rules! 87% of people said that the move had a positive impact on their mental health and 85% said the system helps them keep a work-life balance!

Work to live not live to work!

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