Swedish Safety in Bahrain: A Blessing for New Parents

Sweden, known as the world’s foremost leader in safety, is also in talks for its very famous brand for toddlers. Honestly though, what we wouldn’t do to keep our little ones safe at all times. But as obvious as it sounds, it is super complicated and difficult to avoid harmful products from making their way to your home.

For this reason, Twistshake, has developed products that are simple & safe to use, and you know what’s the best part? They have finally made their way to our island.

And did you know Twistshake is an Award winning brand?

Not that we are surprised or anything, cause their aesthetic design and durability confirms that Twistshake has safe, reliable & appealing products. From their bottles to pacifiers to even their tableware, they’re all designed by professionals to make infant look like a fashionista. Also, how cute are these blankets?

All their baby goodies are curated for each individual toddler

At the fierce rate that they grow and develop, we need to cater their needs at all times. And what better way to do that than finding a brand that works through every step of your child’s early life through their innovative and always progressing line.

On a side note, can we take a moment to appreciate the effort and immense responsibility put into providing not just the highest quality products but also great service to their customers? Just the stress reliever parents would need.

We know where we’re going baby shopping, click HERE to check out their website

ماركة أطفال سويدية جديدة مبتكرة للأطفال مهتمة بمنتجات الأطفال الرضع 

Twistshake بكل شغف تقدم لنا الحماية الأمثل لأطفالنا الرضع بطريقة مبتكرة وعصرية للأم حتى تتماشى مع الحياة العصرية. بالإضافة إلى ذلك البراند حاصل على جوائز عالمية لتصاميمهم الجمالية العصرية والكواليتي. من اللهايات حتى المميات صمموها محترفين مهتمين بهالمجال حتى يطلع الطفل بأحلى صورة وأنيق. ايضا جميع الأشياء يتم العمل على تفاصيلها وتنسيقها بشكل جميل حق يرضي ذوق الأم ويجمل مظهر الطفل الخارجي.

مثل ماينمو الطفل الرضيع احتياجاته ومستلزماته تكبر وتتوسع معاه عشان جذي هالعلامة التجارية من الضروريات لكل ام ان تقتنيها لطفلها لجودتها و شكلها العصري.

مايحتاج تتوترون وتحاتون من وين تجهزون البيبي, جبنالكم أحلى البراندات بجودتها العالية و خدمتها الرائعة مع عملائها