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Top 15 Things You Can Do At Home In Bahrain On A Night In

Spending quality time at home doesn’t have to be boring!

There are so many ways to keep busy and entertained while staying the night in. Some good quality time spent at home can be a therapeutic and refreshing experience. Check out the list below for some productive ideas on what you can do at your place if you have some time to kill.

1. Yoga

You don’t need to visit a studio to do yoga. These stretching practices can be done anywhere and really help keep the mind calm and the body flowing. Just open up YouTube and choose one of the countless videos that teach yoga, like this one for example.

2. Workout

There are many ways to stay fit and get some exercise in from the comfort of your own home. It’s also a great productive way to spend time indoors and get your blood pumping. Check out this great at-home workout program here.

3. Watch a new Netflix series

Get all cozied up on the couch and start a new series on Netflix. Check out our list for the Best Netflix Shows & Movies In The Middle East Right Now for an idea on what to watch.

4. Bake or Cook

Get busy in the kitchen! Test out your baking skills or make a nice home-made meal. Cook your favorite comfort dish or try out a new recipe. Baking or cooking is actually a very therapeutic and great way to spend time and learn something new. Check out this website to get inspired over delicious recipes.

5. Read a book

Whether you’re a book worm or don’t find yourself reading much, reading a book is a good way to spend time. Find what you like, get into a comfortable spot at home and dig in! There’s nothing like spending a few hours reading fiction or a mentorship book. Check out some recommended books here.

6. Catch up with someone on the phone or video chat

Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you have to live in isolation! Consider calling up a friend or family member that you’d like to catch up with. Talking on the phone is a great way to stay social while you’re at home.

7. Write

Take out a notebook and do some journaling. This practice helps a lot if you deal with anxiety too. Write down your goals, your thoughts, a story, find a recipe to write down. There are endless possibilities when you’re putting your thoughts down on paper and it’s a good past time and mental exercise to do at home. Check out this Reddit thread to get some advice and tips on writing.

8. Play games

If you’re not spending time alone and you’ve got someone else at home with you, take out a deck of cards and play a few rounds of Go Fish! If you are spending time alone check out gaming apps to download on your phone like Plato, a social app where you can play many games like UNO or Solitaire with people from around the world.

9. Take a bubble bath

What’s a better way to fully relax at home and get some me-time than by running a nice hot bath to soak in! Drop-in a bath bomb or pour in some bath salts, light up a candle, play some soft background music and just chill. You can also bring that book in there with you!

10. Learn origami

It feels good to learn a new skill and teaching yourself how to fold origami takes only time and practice! All you need is paper and patience. Look up different shapes to make or click here for this easy paper crane tutorial.

11. Make your own slime

Ever played with slime before? Making your own slime is a fun activity and surprisingly easy to make, you don’t need more than 3-4 ingredients and you can find them at home like glue, water, contact lens solution, and baking soda. For some reason, people love making slime and there are countless videos on YouTube of people pressing their hands into it or stretching it out. It’s actually kind of satisfying! Check out the video above to learn how to make slime.

12. Organize your closet

Not everyone gets excited about organizing but it’s actually a very good way to spark joy as Marie Kondo says! By focusing your time on clearing out your closet and organizing it, you’ll kill time and also find yourself feeling more mentally rested and now you know excatly where everything is without having to think about it. Take some tips from Marie Kondo, the queen of organization to get started.

13. Clean or organize something really well

Take on a home project like organizing a set of drawers you’ve been neglecting or cleaning out your fridge. Organizing your home can feel really good and getting rid of clutter helps you declutter mentally as well. Check out these tips to decluttering your home.

14. Play video games

Sit back and turn on your Xbox or Playstation and play your favorite games! Playing video games can be a great way to rid yourself of boredom or stress and it’s also fun to play with friends online. Check out the best and upcoming games in 2020.

15. Learn a skill online

Use a website like SkillShare or simply type a How-To question on YouTube! Sign up for online courses that teach you something that you might be interested in like marketing, social media, music lessons, woodshop or basically anything! Learning a skill from home is a good use of your time.