We Asked You What Your Fave Local Activewear Brand Was & Here Are the Top 10

Your picks!

Shop local! We’re back with another list of your faves and this week it’s all about activewear! Cause it’s never too late to set resolutions and we’re getting ready to shop away our activewear accessories from your fave local spots! So let’s not waste any time and get straight into it. We asked you what your fave local activewear brand was and here are the top 10:

Trü Active

Taking the first spot right away! Trü Active is your fave activewear brand and we couldn’t agree more!


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ELMT Sportswear

Sustainable, say yes!

Black Active Fitness

Gym gear doesn’t get better than this!


Active in style!

Layth Gear

Get the best sportswear and activewear at Layth Gear!


We’re upLYFTing aready!

Fitway Wear

Get your fave accessories and wear at Fitway Wear!

Fox Bahrain

This is really making us want to get into the fits!

Get fit in style!

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