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Local x Local: Matter Creative Talk About Rebranding & Community Awareness

If the pandemic has shed light on anything this past year, it’s that change is REAL, and sometimes it’s necessary. We’ve noticed that many SME’s or businesses in general have taken a different approach to the way they operate, many of which with community awareness in mind.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Matter Creative, a team of locals advocating for creative change & community awareness

The team at Matter recently rebranded to showcase “a shift in perspective,” and it’s pretty clear that the direction they’re headed in is pretty human and community-centered.

The team at Matter Creative revealed a couple of hashtag campaigns they’ll be launching soon

#MatterXCreatives as well as #MatterXCommunity – both of which will be launched consecutively within the next couple of months!

The concept behind MatterXCreatives is to create a platform that connects creatives through common interests, while MatterXCommunity aims to feature local projects & initiatives that may lead to change within society by creating awareness and a more conscious society.

The team explained that the aim behind the campaigns was to shift the way people view creative processes and to shed light on the importance of “collaboration” through sharing knowledge.

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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